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program title

image of Jennifer J Wedding Program

Jennifer J wedding program - click to enlarge

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Example of the Opening Title of Program:

wedding ceremony information

Example of the Order of the Wedding Ceremony:
click here for link to traditional music
(include songs and/or songs & composers, as well as scripture verses or reading if you wish)
image of Amanda La Wedding Program

Amanda La wedding program - click to enlarge

wedding party information

Names of Parents, Grandparents, and/or Great-grandparents:
(etiquette rule of thumb... never separate a man first name from his last; list names as Jane and John Smith
or the formal title of Mr. and Mrs. John Smith)

Wedding Party:
(note relationships if desired, be consistent on how you list names – Jane Smith -OR- Mrs. Jane Smith -OR- Miss Jane Anne Smith)
image of Whitney Wedding Program

Whitney wedding program - click to enlarge

additional information included on program
An area for "In memory of":
image of Meredith B Wedding Program

Meredith B wedding program - click to enlarge

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